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Clinical Oral Surgeon/Implantologist, MSc (Masterlehrgang)

Weiterbildung: Weiterbildungslehrgänge

Institut: Danube Private University

Steiner Landstraße 124
3500 Krems an der Donau
Tel.: +43 676 842 41 93 05
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Art der Hochschule: Universität/Privatuniversität

Dauer: 6 Semester

Umfang: 180 ECTS-Punkte

Zahnchirurgie Implantologie Zahnheilkunde Zahnarzt Behandlung


The program covers the prevention, the diagnosis, conservative treatment and surgery of illnesses, injuries, fractures, malformations, surgical parodontology and implantology at the dental, oral and maxillary level as well as original or caused defects while taking into account functional and esthetic aspects of bone and soft tissues.

Specialization training in the Master of Science program Clinical Oral Surgeon/Implantologist covers the learning of additional knowledge and capacities after basis training. It follows a given period of three years fulltime training.

The training can only be followed with approved training institutions. A training institution approved by Danube Private University (DPU) can be a university hospital or a higher education institution. It is provided under the direction of doctors/dentists authorized to practice and to teach.

Dentists following the specialization training will learn to consider the patient in its entirety in order to assess the surgical and anesthesiology risk. Knowledge required in internal medicine for this discipline as well as in anesthesiology, ear-mouth-nose medicine, surgery, pathology, neurology, pharmacology, toxicology, geriatrics, hygiene and clinic diagnosis in the laboratory will be extended during the training. This implies the collaboration with doctors of other disciplines, dentists, dentists specialized in other fields, doctors and dentists in hospitals and other health institutions.