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Symposion Dürnstein 2016

Trust in Uncertain Times. Options for the Future.

Much of what had previously been considered as certain has now become questionable. Can we still rely on the financial system? Which media and journalists may still be considered reliable in today's plethora of media channels? How trustworthy is our democracy? Do courts, laws and the constitutional state remain reliable authorities? And what about Brussels and the European Union - can we still our trust in them?

What may support us in times of change and what we may adhere to in a society in upheaval are among the questions pursued by the Symposion Dürnstein 2016.

A proverb says that trust is good hing, but control is better. However, it becomes ever more clear that while control is good, trust is considerable better. While up a few decades ago science had considered self interest as the most important and propelling moment for evolution, in the past years cooperation and solidarity have been increasingly emphasized as important facotrs in progress and development.

Such cooperation and solidarity assume a minimum of trust. So what is it that people may trust in if circumstances change or if they want to change the circumstances?

The Symposion Dürnstein 2016 will illuminate the fatal consequences of the loss of trust in economy, democracy and media, which also touches upon the important issue of migration since a lack of trust makes it impossible for people to live together. Leading figures in economy, political science, biology and law will speak about the decisions we may make today in order to nationally and globally shape a more livable society in the future.