Program in English


Society, state, violence. What Keep us together.

9 -11 March 2017
Opening, Thursday, 9 March 2017 18 hrs (opening evening, free entry)
Dürnstein abbey, Prälatensaal, 3601 Dürnstein

Threat scenarios have increased over the past years with the terrorist attacks in Madrid, Mumbai, Paris and Brussels; the war in the Middle East; massacres of civilians and people fleeing from war being referred to as migration; climate change, which makes people choose between starvation and flight. Apparently uncontrollable and invisible forces result in a sense of threat. Governments increase monitoring in order to protect their population which also creates ambivalence, since monitoring is also a form of structural violence. Such Events take place during a time in which threat people are threatened also by social decline and poverty by changes in working structures and the labour market, the human population "mushrooming" as well as consequent problems with health insurance, health care and retirement pension. Politics are radicalized, verbal violence turns into corporeal violence and government control introduces structural violence. All of which is happening under the pretext of the invigoration of economic power and societal coherence.

The Symposion Dürnstein not only addresses an analysis of this situation but searches as well for constructive ways of dealing with violence in order to strenghten the coherence of society.

Thursday, 9. March 2017, 18:00 hrs (opening evening, free entry)

17:00 hrs

Pre-receptionTo constribute to the Symposium Dürnstein 2017 "Society, state, violence. What keeps us togehter" students of KPH Vienna/Krems have developed an Installation, which makes it possible to experience the intangible concepts in an aesthetic manne, referring to a social theory which was developed by Joseph Beuys back in the 1970s as a radical Extension of the concept of art.
17:30 hrsAdmittance
18:00 hrsOpening
18:15 hrsViolence structues and no end?Ursula Baatz, Curator of the Dürnstein symposium

18:30  - 20:00 hrs

Between social connectedness and Desintegration - human Basic motifs from a neuroscientific perspective
followed by discussion
Joachim Bauer, Professor of Psychoneuroimmunology, Freiburg University Hospital

 Friday, 10 March 2017

09:00-09:20 hrsMorning impulse with provost Maxmilian at the churchModeration and discussion on all three days led by: Günther Kienast
09:30-11:00 hrsViolence and community. Plea for a relational definition of violenceMichael Staudigl, Philosopher, University of Vienna
The relationship of administration and violence in Austria
followed by discussion
Wolfgang Gratz, Professor of Criminology, University of Vienna
11:30-13:00 hrsBetween Islam and Islamism: reasons for religious extremism
followed by discussion
Ahmad Manour, psychologist, author, Programe Director at the European Foundation for Democracy in Brussels, Chairperson and speaker of Muslimisches Forum Deutschland e.V.
14:15-15:15 hrsDemoratic politics between emotions and factsGary S. Schaal, Professor of political science, Helmut-Schmidt-University/University of Federal Armed Forces Hamburg
Ideologies of fear, violent fantasies and their channels in Austria followed by discussionWalter Ötsch, Professor of Economics and Cultural Studies, Cusanus University, Bernkastel-Cues
15:15-16:15 hrsHuman trafficking today - a Special form of slaveryGudrun Biffl, Professor of Migration Research, Danube University Krems
The tricky relationship of gender violence, vulnerability and the power to actNikita Dhawan, Professor of Political Science, University of Innsbruck
16:45-17:15 hrsViolence, religion, state: A theological anthropology of peaceWolfgang Palaver, Professor of Christian Social Teaching at the Theological Faculty of the University of Innsbruck
17:15-17:30 hrsAbout the ambivalent relationship between religions and violenceKarsten Lehmann, Research Professor for the Special Research area "Interreligiousness" at the ecclesiastical-pedagogical University Vienna/Krems
17:30-18:30 hrsPanel discussion
Paticipants: Karsten Lehmann, Wolfgang Palaver, Nikita Dhawan, Philippe Buc (Professor of History of the High and Late Middle Ages, University of Vienna)

Saturday, 11 March 2017

09:00-09:20 hrsMorning impulse with provost Maximilian at the churchSimultaneous interpretation of the lectures and discussions in German und English
09:30-10:30 hrsPopulism: Risk or corrective element for democracyJan-Werner Müller, Professor of Political Science, Princeton University, USA
11:30-13:00 hrs Violence and Unity in a Complex Society: Engaging Ethnicism and Religious Fanaticism in Nigeria
followed by discussion
Jonathan Chimakonam Okeke, Professor of Philosophy, University of Calabar, Nigeria
13:45-14:30 hrsGuided tour through the abbey with provost MaximilianDuring the Event, pre-scientific Works of AHS relating to the subject are presented and discussed.
14:30-16:10 hrsImpact of Arab-Israeli Conflict on the Israel Society: Women, Violence and Happiness.Lea Landmann, Co-Founder of Women in International Security Israel; former Research Fellow at the Institute for Policy and Strategy, IDC, Herzliya, Israel
The Role of Palestinian Civil Society in Peace Education
followed by discussion
Jumana Jaouni, Political Communication Consultant, Israel
16:40-18:30 UhrPanel discussion: Cultural violence
Keynote speech: Violence in the Name of honour!Sibylle Hamann, Publicist, Vienna
Discussion participants: Sibylle Hamann, Andreas Brunner (Historian, QWien Center for Gay/Lesbian Culture and History), Dina Malandi (Lawyer,Head of the  ZARA legal Service for victims and witnesses of racism), Martina Eigelsreiter (Head of the Office for Diversity of the City of St. Pölten)